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Baby Boomer Peels .......... $200 each or Series of 3 $525

These peels are designed to improve fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration of skin, reduce pore size, refine coarse skin texture, brighten and tighten skin leaving you with a youthful and refreshed appearance. Aggressive exfoliation will occur for 3-5 days. Skins appearance will continue to improve over the next few weeks. May be repeated in 3-4 weeks. (includes product)


Enzyme Peels

Enzymes are proteins from animal or vegetable origin that act
as a biological catalyst and begin a digestive process that causes
mild to excessive exfoliation depending on the type of enzyme and
its strength.


Maui Peel .............. $90

This light exfoliation treatment uses a fresh pineapple enzyme to gently exfoliate, hydrate and smooth skin while essential oils, vitamins, and other anti aging nutrients penetrate to leave your skin feeling soft and radiant.


Cherries Jubilee Peel........ $90

This mild exfoliant is also anti-inflammatory and hydrating. This formula contains
a potent anti-aging value and aids in building healthy skin tissue.


Pumpkin Parfait Peel ........ $90

This age resistant exfoliant is equivalent to 10% glycolic acid. It is a mild
vegetable enzyme that leaves the skin smooth and polished. Smells like pumpkin pie.


Skin Brightening Peel ....... $90

If you have dark spot on your skin, this is the treatment for you It has a blending of active enzymes and lightening ingredients that digest unwanted skin cells and brighten the skin.


Detox Peels ................. $90

Recommended for problematic skin, this treatment exfoliates and regenerates using antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients to decongest and brighten skin.


Bromelain Peel ............ $90

Exfoliating, Antiseptic and Cell Regenerating. This enzyme aids in correcting and
healing problematic, thick, course and oily skin. It softens scar tissue and improves
photo-damaged skin.


Tomatoe Peel ................ $90

Especially suited to acne-prone and oily impure skin. It provides regenerating and
exfoliating benefits and has anti-oxidant properties, making it a versatile enzyme for
photo-aged and hyper-pigmented skin.
( This peel will often result in residual peeling that occurs about 2-3 days
following the treatment.)


* All Enzyme Peels include extractions, face, neck, shoulder, arms and hand massage,
and ends with hydrating nourishing mask, a moisturizer and sunscreen.

* All Facial Treatments are taylored to your skins specific needs